Press release #2

Posted at: 08/09/2016

ESPESA project at HiL’16

For two days, young researchers of ESPESA consortium attended the Workshop on “Hardware-in-the-Loop simulation for testing electrical systems” organized by University of Lille 1 – Science and Technology.

In the second day of the workshop, ESPESA consortium organized a special session: “HiL applications within the ESPESA Network”. The session was chaired by prof. Claudia Martis, from Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, project coordinator and hosted four presentations:

L2.1 “How to improve your system and controls development process using closed loop simulation?”
M. Dutré, Siemens Industry Software N.V., ESPESA Network, Belgium

L2.2 “Real Time Model in the Loop analysis of electrical machines”
Prof. M. Ruba, Univ. Cluj-Napoca, ESPESA network, Romania

L2.3 “The MOTORIST simulator: design and realization of a modular motorcycle simulator”
M. Grottoli, F. Celiberti, Siemens Industry Software N.V., ESPESA Network, Belgium

L2.4 “HIL simulation of a smart grid with MMC”
Dr. F. Colas, ENSAM-A&MParisTech, L2EP, France