Press release #3

Posted at: 11/02/2017

ESPESA  Workshop @ TU/e, 8-9 February 2017, Eindhoven, Netherlands

The Workshop took place at Eindhoven University of Technology (Zwarte doos & Vertigo) between 8th and 9th of February 2017. The number of participants/day were: Day 1: 46 and Day 2: 26.

The first day of the seminar provided an overview on the most challenging aspects of the design, analysis, development, and testing of high speed drives. After an introductory session (High speed drives: between challenges and solutions), given by TUE, specific design and technological aspects of electrical machines and power electronics were presented, taking into account the smart integration of mechanical and drive technology:

“High-speed electrical machines for the propulsion of EVs: electromechanical and thermal aspects” – Daniel Fodorean (UTCN)

“Cost-oriented Design of High Speed Low Power Interior PM Synchronous Machines“ – Aryanti Putri

“Noise and vibrations in electrical machines” – Michel Hecquet (ENSAM)

“Loss calculation in electrical machines with numerical tools” – Abdelmounaïm Tounzi (ENSAM)

“High-speed slotless PM machines” – Sultan Jumayev (TUE)

“Static and dynamic losses in high speed electrical machines” – Johan Paulides (TUE)

“Iron loss models for electrical machines” – Abdelkader Benabou (ENSAM)

The second day consisted of a workshop on proposal writing and project management organized by yellow research. The one-day workshop has taught the participants the basics of writing a successful proposal, how to manage an already funded project, the financial and administrative aspects linked to that. First the practical and conceptual aspects in grant proposal writing process were addressed. Second, the group was split up and focus was placed on writing an outstanding CV and an exercise was done to specify which results of a research should be mentioned when writing a proposal.